Connection Heals: The Link Between PTSD, ADHD, and Emotional Balance (Podcast)

Episode 305 | Connection Heals: The link between ADHD, PTSD and emotional balance

Allison Arkfeld, MA AMFT, is a Somatic Psychotherapist working out of Long Beach, CA.

In episode 305 Allison explains that the traditional model of ADHD, as a brain-based neurodevelopment disorder separate from any somatic symptoms is becoming outdated.

We now know that several somatic diseases are linked to ADHD, and that the ADHD mind works in concert with the body.

There is growing evidence that a multi-modal approach to treating ADHD that includes body work, meditation, medications, traditional therapy, and coaching – holds great benefit.

In this thought-provoking episode you will learn about:
-Empowerment within the body
-Using body sensations to self-regulate
-Multi-modal support for ADHD
-Real-life applications for polyvagal theory
-The difficulty in treating PTSD with an ADHD mind
-The healing power of human connection
-Defining trauma (it’s not what you think!)
-Corrective experiences that heal
-How ADHD and PTSD affect social interactions/interpersonal relationships

This is episode will open yours eyes to the connection between your ADHD mind and your body.